January 30, 2018


This year, the new National Curriculum will be implemented for the first time, bringing South Sudan’s first national education pathway for millions of students. The Ministry of General Education and Instruction will be working to facilitate the successful implementation of the new Curriculum and provide guidance to educators and students during the process.

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Led by the World Partnership for Education in South Sudan, in partnership with the Ministry of General Education and Instruction, the Clubs for Peace program will build young peacemakers around the country to heal divides and move the nation toward peace and reconciliation.

The Clubs for Peace website is currently undergoing maintenance. Please check back later to learn more.

Girl’s Education South Sudan (GESS), led by the Ministry of General Education and Instruction and funded by the United Kingdom Agency for International Development, empowers girls with education and elevates the entire learning environment.

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More programmes will be added soon. Check back later for updates!